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  • kaia

    1 kaia Le 18/02/2022

    I will send you new products every week!
    Hi ,I'm kaia
    I checked your website, we can design a packaging gift box to your satisfaction, the quality is very good, we are a direct manufacturer of game gifts in China. We have over 500 RPG dice in stock to add to your toy assortment. The mold cost is the cheapest than other companies, which can give you an absolute price advantage. Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, shipping costs are rising every day. We have dedicated delivery channels that can save you shipping costs. We have a strong team, and the products are 100% inspected before leaving the factory. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you and your company.
    Continue to roll out new items - Streamer Liquid Dice, Colorful Reflective Glare Dice, Eyeball Core Dice, Spider-Man Dice, Holiday/Seasonal Themed Dice.
    We introduce new styles every week, thank you for your time. Various dice accept customization. Our resin dice, metal dice, dnd dice, rpg dice, stone dice, acrylic dice.
    Feel free to contact me if there is anything we can help.
    best wishes!
  • Burlot Séverine

    2 Burlot Séverine Le 12/11/2021

    Bonjour. Je vous ai vu samedi au marché de Nozay. Avez vous toujours un coffret pokémon ? J'ai hésité samedi mais je crois que je n'aurai pas dû...
    Merci d'avance
    Séverine Burlot
  • Guinguette chez Josy

    3 Guinguette chez Josy Le 10/06/2021

    C Josy,
    Est ce que ça vous interresserez de venir le dimanche après midi pour faire des demo et vendre des jeux? Je vous demande rien en échange. Y a pleins de famille avec des enfants et mm des adultes qui emmènent leurs jeux. Ça pourrait être sympa !
    Faites moi un retour par mail, OK ou pas !
    Guinguettement Josy
  • Elise44

    4 Elise44 Le 21/04/2021

    Mon gars ça a un anniversaire demain et je m'y prends tard, Mai St ce que tu as rumble in the house ou 10 minute to kill?
    Je pourrais passer demain vers 11h00

    Elise thomas

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